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Jonathan's Web Page
Welcome to Jonathan's Web Page. This page started off in April 23,1999 as a small model rocket page. Now it has grown with five times as much information. I currently know HTML, java script, BASIC, QBASIC, and am currently learning CSS, java, C, PERL, and assembly for the ti86. I have a pokemon page, a programing page, a model rocket page, and a dog training page. I will add more pages when they come to my mind. If you have any suggestions e-mail me at Also tell me if my page needs improvments.

Name Description Rating 1-5
Brent's Web Page A great web page with lots of great programing done. 4.7
Jason's Web Page A page made with a MAC nowonder it looks so bad. 2.4
Alan's Viola\French Horn Page A great place to turn for instrement jokes 3.6
Programming Tutorials If you want to find a programming tutorial this is the place to go. 4.8
Dimension Ti One of the best TI claculator web page out there with tons of games.. 4.9
Ticalc Another great ti calculator site. I has lots of game too. 4.5
Rocketry Online The best model rocket web page. 4.9