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Jonathan's Pokemon Walkthrough
The game starts off in your (Ash's) house. Go downstairs and say good-bye to your mom before heading out to capture Pokemon. You can leave town by going north, but first visit Gary's house (your Rival), then Professor Oak's lab. The Prof. isn't in, so being to walk up the northern path. Before you can enter the grassy fields, Prof. Oak will run up and stop you from going in. He will tell you that there are wild Pokemon that could attack, then he will escort you back to his lab. There, he will let you and Gary choose among three of his Pokemon. After you pick a Pokemon, Gary will challenge you to your first match. Vs. Gary Your first battle will be a heated one, especially if you choose Bulbasaur. If you win, you'll get a couple of bucks, but if you lose, your Pokemon will faint and Gary will take all the bragging rights. Take your fainted Pokemon home to your mom for medical treatment, then head out of town into the wild.

Route 1 On your first journey into Route 1, you won't be able to capture any Pokemon. You can only fight for experience. You can't purchase any Pokeballs until you deliever the package to Prof. Oak. Wild Pokemon tend to live in grassy areas, so avoid tall grass if your Pokemon is weak. Head north to reach Viridian City. You may also bump into other Pokemon trainers. Some may only want to give you sage advice, but others may want to fight!
Viridian City Viridian City is only slightly bigger than Pallet Town, with it's own Pokemon Center, Pokemon Mart, and a Gym. The Gym is usually a busy hangout for Pokemon Trainers all over, but this one is closed (for now). The friendly citizens will gladly help you out with any questions you have. Drop by the Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon, then head towards the Pokemon Mart. Once inside, the clerk will ask you to take a package to Prof. Oak. Run back to Pallet Town and deliver the package to get a Pokedex. As long as you're in Pallet Town, drop by Gary's house and get a map from his sister. When you return to Viridian City, stock up on Pokeballs and return to Route 1 to capture a few Pokemon. If you continue on to Route 2, buy a couple of Antidotes to cure any Poison attacks you will encounter.
Route 2 On your way north, you will see items on the other side of the trees, but you won't be able to reach them (not yet). Route 2 has a few Pokemon and trainers to worry about, but you should worry about the forest ahead.
Viridian Forest There are lots of trainers hanging around in the forest, so be sure to have at least three Pokemn in your possession. As you wander around the forest, you will find items misplaced by other trainers. You will also find, if you're lucky, a Pikachu. If you capture one, it can be helpful later on, especially if you don't have Bulbasaur.
Pewter City PewterCity is much bigger than Viridian City, and it has a Pokemon museum as well. The museum has several interesting exhibits, but you won't understand their meaning until later in the game. Talk to the townsfolk to learn more about the surrounding land, then head towards the gym to do battle with Brock, the Gym Leader.
Pewter City Gym You must first battle Jr. Trainer before you can take on Brock. The Jr. Trainer has a Diglet and a Sandshrew. Vs. Brock Squinty-eyed Brock will challenge you when you first meet him. He controls a Geodude and an Onix, both powerful Rock Pokemon. Bulbasaur or Squirtle will fare the best against the enemy. If you don't have either of them, a Level 16 Pikachu will have to do.
Route 3 The pathway to Mt. Moon is infested with Pokemon Trainers, all looking for a fight. Try to have plenty of Pokemon with you to handle anything thrown at you. A Pokemon Center will be convieniently neat the mountain entrance, giving you a chance to heal your battered Pokemon.
Mt. Moon Mt. Moon is the breeding ground for Zubats, a poison/flying Pokemon that only come out in the darkness. They tend to swoop down from the ceiling when you least expect it. If you have a Pikachu, put him ahead of the pack, because its Thunder Shock will take down the Zubats with one hit. Plenty of trainers are down here as well, trying to find rare Geodudes, but they will take time out to challenge you. You will also encounter Team Rocket for the first time. They are mining out minerals from Mt. Moon. Since they are expert Pokemon Trainers, you should be very cautious when confronting them. If you find yourself in a sticky situation, use the Escape Rope to get out of the cave immediatly. You will also find lots of items on the cavern floor.
Route 4 You will find a few trainers and Pokemon on the path to Cerulean City. It won't be too bad to find a TM dropped along the path as well. Keep in mind that once you jump over the barrier, you won't be able to get back over.
Cerulean City If you want a faster way to travel, the Bike Shop has just the thing for you...for the low cost of only...1,000,000$? You will also find a house that has been ransacked by Team Rocket, but you won't be able to enter until after you defeat Misty and cure Bill (on Route 25).
Cerulean City Gym Misty is the leader of the Cerulean Gym, and she loves water Pokemon. You can tell because she has converted the Gym into a pool! Two other Trainers will challenge you before you can take on Misty, but Pikachu or Bulbasaur can blow them out of the water. Vs. Misty Swimsuit clad Misty likes to swim, but she simply loves to battle. She packs Water Pokemon, a Staryu and a Starmite. If you have Bulbasaur or Pikachu, you will win this battle fairly quickly. Misty, rather impressed, will give you her Cascade Badge and a TM 11 for a job well done.
Route 24 & 25 After you defeat Misty, the path to the north will open up. But before you can go very far, Gary will show up once again to make trouble. Vs. Gary Gary has added three Pokemon to his arsenal, an Abra, a Rattata, and a Pidgeotto. A heavily built up Pikachu or Bulbasaur (which should have evolved to an Ivysaur by now) has the best chance. Defeat Gary to send him off in a fit.
As you continue onto the bridge, you will be challenged by six members of Team Rocket. Their Pokemon are tough, so return to the Pokemon Center after each battle to heal your monsters. When you defeat all six, you will get a valuable Nugget as a reward. Sell it off to get 5000$. Continue to the east where you will find even more Pokemon Trainers. Once you get past them, you will find the Sea Cottage. Bill the Pokemaniac Poor Bill has turned himself into a Pokemon! If you help him out, Bill will give you a ticket to board the S.S. Anne, a cruiseship for only the best Pokemon Trainers!
Routes 5 & 6 After you help out Bill, return to Cerulean City and visit the house that was robbed. Head into the backyard and confront the Team Rocket Member. Defeat him to get a TM 28. Use it's DIG ability to immediatly escape from dungeons. Continue down to the south. Routes 5 holds some rare Pokemon, such as Meowth or Mankey. You will also find a Pokemon daycare.
Pokemon Daycare The man here runs a daycare, and will raise one of your Pokemon for a 100$ per level charge. Drop off a young Pokemon and don't forget to drop by later. Toll Booth The road ahead is under constrution and the guard won't let you go ahead. He will mention that he is thirsty. Perhaps you can can bribe your way past him with a cool beverage... Underground Path This path will bring you to Vermilion City. The pathway has many hidden items, but you need the Item Finder to detect them. You get the item finder later on in the game. On the other end of the tunnel, a kid will want to trade his Nidoran Male for a Nidoran Female.
Vermilion City Vermilion City is a huge port town, always busy with activity. It's even more hectic today, because the great Pokemon trainer luxury liner is docked at the bay! Aboard are the best trainers in the world! Old Man's House Talk to the old man to hear his tales of the sea. He will give you the Old Rod for your time. Little Kid's House This little kid has raised a Farfetch'd from an egg, but sadly it has grown to big for him. He will trade you the bird for a common Spearow. Pokemon Fan Club The long winded chairman will give a big speech about Pokemon. Stick around long enough for the whole speech and he will give you a Bike Voucher, good for a free Bike back in Cerulean City!
S.S. Anne The exclusive ship is for only the most prestegious trainers. Flash the Ticket you got from Bill and step aboard! The word on the ship is that the Captain is seasick, and the ship can't leave port until he is well. Once aboard the ship, be sure to enter every cabin to search for items. However, some passangers won't be so pleased about being barged in on! The passangers mostly carry Water Pokemon, so put Pikachu at the head of the party. To gain the most experience possible, fight all the trainers aboard before you see the Captain. Vs. Gary How did Gary hook passage on this ship? Before you can ask, Gary is using a fake French accent and tossing Poke-balls at you. Slap the fake accent out of his mouth and continue on to the captain.
Captain's Quarters The Captain is suffering from seasickness and the ship can't launch until he feels better. Help out the captain and he will be so gratefull, he will reward you with a Hidden Machine, which teaches the CUT ability! After you help the captain, keep in mind that once you step off the ship, it will leave port for the open sea.
Vermilion Gym The leader of the gym is Lt. Surge, and he is a paranoid trainer. To reach him, you must find two secret switches in the trash cans. He also has three other trainers, who will attack with electric Pokemon. Vs. Lt. Surge Lt. Surge likes to use Electric Pokemon. He gets a real jolt out of them. Puns aside, a built up Ivy-saur or Geodude is your best bet. The Lt. uses Voltorb, Pikachu and Raichu in this battle. Once you defeat him, he will give you the Thunder Badge and the TM24.
Route 11 After defeating Lt. Surge, the path to the east will open and you will be able to procede to Route 11. As you wander on the sidewalks, you will be challenged by no fewer than ten trainers, each with up to four Lv. 20 Pokemon. The wild Pokemon found here are not very strong, but they possess the power to make your monsters fall asleep! When you enter the toll gate, you'll be warned that the road is blocked ahead by a sleeping Snorlax! As long as you're here, you may as well go up into the observing tower. If you have 30 Pokemon, you will get an Itemfinder from Prof. Oak's aide!
Diglett's Cave Since Route 12 is blocked off, you will have to take a detour to Lavender Town. Return to the entrance to Route 11 and enter the cave opening. This is also the only place you will find Diglett and Dugtrio. They aren't terribly powerful, but there's a lot of them. You will emerge back on Route 2, on the other side of Virmilion Forest, where you couldn't go before. Go south to collect the items that you couldn't reach before. Inside the observing tower, Prof. Oak's aide awaits to give you the FLASH HM... as long as you have 15 Pokemon! You'll need it to enter Rock Tunnel.
Routes 9 & 10 Return to Cerulean City and chop down the bush blocking the path to the east. Beyond the comforts of Misty's hometown are ten riled up trainers and a TM. The TM is just below the entrance to Route 9. The trainers are tough, but fortunatly, there is a Poke-Center near the entrance to Rock Tunnel.
Rock Tunnel You must have the FLASH ability to make your way through this dark cavern. Though it's not nearly as confusing as Mt. Moon, you still have your work cut out for you in Rock Tunnel. This cave is mostly about endurance. Dangerous Machops and Onixs will constantly try to grind your monsters into gravel and Zubats swoop down to take a bite out of smaller victims. If that weren't enough, over 15 trainers await to challenge you. Most trainers will have Rock-Type Pokemon, so put a Plant Pokemon at the head of your group. Be sure to bring along a Diglett with the DIG ability. If you find yourself low on life out of battle, you can use the DIG ability to escape the cave. This works in any cave or building. Once you find the exit, you still have to get past a few more trainers before you reach Lavender Town.
Lavender Town Lavender Town is known as the resting place for deceased Pokemon. Pokemon Tower is a huge monument built for mourning trainers, but lately the spirits have been restless and reports of ghosts have increased. You can explore the tower, but you won't get far without a Sliph Scope, which can identify ghosts. The word on the street is that there is a Sliph Scope in Celadon City, so you'll need to check out that lead before you explore the tower. Name Change A friendly, retired Pokemon trainer has an odd job...he can change the name of your Pokemon for free. Keep in mind you can't change the names of traded Pokemon. Pokemon Volunteer Center This house is home to abandoned Pokemon, usually Pokemon that Team Rocket has abandoned because the monsters have nothing special about them. The leader of the center, Mr. Fuji, is missing. You won't solve this mystery until you find the Sliph Scope, so press on to Route 7
Routes 7 & 8 Take the west path and follow the sidewalk. More trainers await you here. The gateway is blocked yet again, so take the underground path the Celadon City.
Celadon City The sister city of Saffron is huge, mostly due to the very popular Game Corner, a casine that gives Pokemon away as prized. Despite happy customers, a dark cloud of doubt is hanging over the Celadon citizens heads, because it is rumored that Team Rocket is operating the Game Corner. Celadon Mansion There is a huge mansion in Celadon, but coming in the front entrance doesn't reveal much. Go around the back and cut down the bush behind the building. You will enter a secret back door! Follow the stairs to find cool hidden treats, including the Pokemon programmers! You will also find the rare Pokemon Eevee on the top floor. Celadon Diner Talk to the people in the diner to hear their woes about losing it all at the Game Corner. Talk to the man in the corner to receive a Coin Case, which holds Game Corner Tokens.
Slots and Exchange The slot machines and the Exchange Corner are next door to each other. Play the slots to earn Tokens, which you can exchange for Pokemon or TMs. There are TMs 23, 15, and 50 in both versions of the game. The Pokemon you can win vary in the versions. In Red you will find Abra, Clefairy, Nidorian, Dratini, Scyther, and Porygon. In Blue you will find Abra, Clefairy, Nidorino, Pinsir, Dratini and Porygon. Celadon Gym To get to the gym, cut down the bush in front of the diner and follow the path. You may want to build up your Pokemon in the Game Corner first. Come back later. Celadon Department Store This huge store has almost everything! Talk to all the cashiers to see what they have or to get a free sample. Rooftop Cafe An annoying little girl on the roof keeps asking for a drink. Get a nice cool one out of the vending machines and give it to her. Give her some water, followed by soda pop and lemonade, and she'll give you TMs 13, 48 & 49. As long as you're up here, why not get some water for those poor parched Gate Guards.
Game Corner Ah, the happy sounds of the Game Corner. The endless plinkering of tokens and the rumble of the slots. A place where dreams are made...and crushed. Everyone is having fun, but you suspect that mysterious figure in the back of the room. Confront him and defeat his Pokemon and he'll run into a secret passage that will slam shut in your face! Check out the poster the man was standing by and lift it up. You will find a switch that opens up the passage leading to the basement! Team Rocket members are around every corner below the casino, armed to the teeth with Pokemon! Along the way you will encounter conveyer belts, but they are easy to figure out. You need to defeat Rocket members to open certain doors and to get the Lift Key in the upper left corner of F4B. Once you have the lift key, ride down the lift to face the mastermind behind all this! Vs. Giovanni Giovanni was greedily counting his profits when you came storming in. Giovanni would take pleasure in booting you out of his office with his Lv. 29 Onix, Rhyhorn and Kangaskhan. Hopefully, your Ivysaur has evolved into a Venusaur by now, which will be perfect against them. After you defeat Giovanni, he will warn you not to mess with him again and then disappear. He will leave behind the Silph Scope, which is what you need to see the Ghost Pokemon in the Pokemon Tower!
Celadon Gym This girls-only gym has everything, including a Peeping Tom sneaking around outside. There are seven other trainers, and despite quoting the Spice Girls, are formatable opponents. To gain the most experience, fight them all before you face Erika, because they won't fight once you defeat their leader. Vs. Erika Erika is actually a very peaceful trainer, but her Pokemon are fearsome. She has a Lv. 25-30 Victreebel, Tangela, and Vilepume at her command, so you should use a Lv. 30 or above Flying Pokemon, like Farfetch'd. Once you defeat Erika, she will wish you well and present you with both the Rainbow Badge and the TM 21. The Rainbow Badge allows you to use STRENGTH anytime outside of battle.
Pokemon Tower Now that you have the Silph Scope, you can identify the ghosts in Pokemon Tower and even capture them! Before you get too far into the tower though, Gary will show up again! Vs. Gary Gary is back and packing five powerful Pokemon! All of them are around Level 23. He has Pidgeotto, Gyrados, Growlithe, Kadabra and his start Pokemon. Kick them all out of the tower and continue going up. Along the way to the top you will run into many Channelers, who usually give guidance to grieving trainers. Today, however, they are possessed by Pokemon spirits. They almost always send out a Gastly. Teach Farfetch'd the FLY ability and use that against the ghosts, but be sure Farfetch'd is Level 35 or above. Once you defeat the spirit, the Channeler will return to normal. You will find a special Heal Zone on the fifth floor that will completely revive your monsters. When you finally reach the seventh floor, you will find three Team Rocket members holding poor Mr. Fuji prisoner! Kick 'em out of the way and save Mr. Fuji. To show his thanks, Mr. Fuji will bring you back to his house and give you the Poke Flute, which can wake up sleeping Pokemon.
Saffron City After giving a bottle of water to the guards, you will finally be able to enter Saffron City. You will quickly find that Team Rocket has most of the town under their control, and you can't do much until you kick them out. Before you enter Silph Co., where Team Rocket has set up shop, you should visit both the Pokemon Center and Pokemon Mart. You'll notice a guard standing watch by the entrance to Silph Co. If you've kicked Team Rocket out of the Game Corner and Pokemon Tower, you'll be able to sneak past him and enter the skyscraper.
Silph Co. Silph Co. is famous for its advancements in Pokemon capturing technology. You will find special Warp Tiles, which can send you instantly to another part of the building. You will also find locked security doors, that can only be unlocked with a master Card Key. You can find one on the south edge of the fifth floor. Along with the standard Team Rocket trainers, you will also encounter disgruntled Silph Scientists, who wield Electric and Poison Pokemon. Team Rocket will mostly field Zubats and Cubones here. There are around 25 Scientists and Rocket members between you and the captive president of Silph Co. If you want to end this quickly, use the elevator to go to the fifth floor, grab the key and then go down to the third floor, stepping on Tile Y. Follow the next tile to reach the president's office. If you want the most experience for your Pokemon, take your time and seek out every trainer and duke it out. Once you've taken out every trainer you can find, return to the third floor and step on Warp Tile Y. You're almost to the presidential office where the Silph president is being held by Team Rocket! But before you get there, an annoying voice challenges you once again. Vs. Gary Gary shows up, as usual, at the worst possible time. His Pokemon are more powerful that ever, and they're all in the Level 35-40 range. Along with his first Pokemon, he has a Pidgeot, Exeggcute, Gyrados, and an Alakazam. Venusaur or Raichu are the perfect team to take on Gary. Prize Pokemon Once you defeat Gary, speak to the Silph employee standing nearby. He will give you a Lapras, which is very rare indeed! Step on Warp Tile Z to zip over to the presidential office. Once again, all the chaos is being caused by Giovanni. Giovanni will threaten to take care of you for good, but you know you can beat this windbag, right? Vs. Giovanni This time, Giovanni will send out a Nidorino, Rhyhorn, Kangaskhan and a Nidoqueen. A Level 40 or above Venusaur or Farfetch'd should make this a short fight. Once you defeat Giovanni, he will scamper off. Talk to the Silph Co. President to receive his eternal thanks and the Master Ball. It's a prototype,so there's only one like it in the world. Save it for something very special... Now that you've run Team Rocket out of town, you and the rest of the Saffron citizens can walk freely in the streets. Be sure to check all the places that were blocked before. Mr. Psychic's House Mr. Psychic has an amazing ability. He can guess which TM you're thinking long as you're thinking about TM 29. Perhaps he's not so amazing after all. Copycat's House A small girl nicknamed 'Copycat' that lives here loves to mimic people. This strange habit has caused her to become isolated from the other children. Her only friends are her stuffed Pokemon. If you give her a Poke-Doll, she will give you a TM 31 in return. Maybe now she can releate normally to people! Fighting Dojo This is a special gym, only for Fighting Pokemon and their trainers. Defeat the five Blackbelts inside and you will be able to choose a prize between a Hitmonlee and a Hitmonchan. Either one would be a terrific addition to your team.
Saffron Gym This gym is headed by Sabrina, who specializes in Psychic Pokemon. Her gym is full of Psychists and Channelers. The Psychists command Psychic Pokemon (naturally) and Channelers field Ghost Pokemon. To get to Sabrina, you'll need to use the Warp Tiles. In each room there are four. Step on the tile above or below you in each room to eventually reach Sabrina. There is a trainer in every room, and you can avoid fighting them, but you really need all the experience you can get. Vs. Sabrina Sabrina isn't a teenage witch, but she's close. Sabrina will send out Kadabra, Mr. Mime, Venomoth and Alakazam, all in the Level 40 range. While a built up Raichu and Ghost Pokemon can make quick work of the first three, the real challenge is Alakazam. Sabrina will think nothing of using Hyper Potions or other cures on Alakazam, making this a long battle. Once you defeat Sabrina, she will give you the Marsh Badge, which insures all your Pokemon up to Level 70 will obey you.
Route 12 Now that Saffron's safe, return to Lavender Town and head south to Route 12. You'll find plenty of open ocean, perfect for fishing! You'll run into plenty of Fishermen trainers, but any grass or electric Pokemon can dispatch them. About halfway down you will run into a snoring Snorlax blocking the road. Use the Poke-Flute to wake him. He will attack, but you can take care of him easily. Since this is one of only two times you'll see Snorlax, you really should try to catch him.

Route 13 Route 13 is like a maze, but it's nothing you can't handle. The biggest problem here is the number of trainers lurking about. Bird Trainers will send in Flying Pokemon, while Beauties will often use Plant Pokemon. You will also find Ditto, a very hard to capture Pokemon. Using Sleep and Ultra Balls often increase your chances.
Routes 14 & 15 Much like Route 13, you will find Bird Trainers and Beauties lurking about, as well as Bikers, who use Poison Pokemon.
Fuchsia City Fuchsia City is home of the fabulous Safari Zone, a wildlife amusement park. The town is like a jungle as well, so be sure to bring a Pokemon with the CUT ability to hack past the many bushes. Fishing Guru's Oldest Brother The old man in this shack is the brother of the old man you go the Old Rod from. He will give you a Good Rod, which you can test out in the pond in his backyard. Safari Zone Warden The old warden has misplaced his teeth in the Safari Zone, and no body in town can understand him! You'll find his lost choppers in Area 3 of the Safari Zone. Return them and he will reward you with the HM 04, which teaches Strength. Teach it to a Pokemon so you can lift, say, that large rock in the warden's house.
Fuchsia Gym This gym is run by Koga, a Ninja trainer, and he has protected himself with invisible wall and a squad of trainers. Jugglers send out Psychic Pokemon and Tamers will field Ground Pokemon. Feel your way past the invisible maze to reach Koga. Vs. Koga Koga calls himself the great ninja trainer, but he doesn't control Fighting Pokemon as expected. Instead, he controls Poison Pokemon, two Koffings, a Muk and a Weezing, all at the Level 37-43 range. Send out the best Ground or Psychic Pokemon you have. Once you defeat Koga, you will receive the Soul Badge, which increases the Defense of all your Pokemon. It also allows you to SURF out of battle.
Safari Zone The Safari Zone is a special Pokemon wildlift park that allows you to catch rare Pokemon! Fork over 500$ for entry and 30 Safari Balls. You will be called back to the entrance when you tn out of time or Safari Balls. Keep in mind that the timer runs only as long as you're moving. If you want to catch Pokemon, lure them to you with Bait and then toss Rocks at them. If they get angry, toss some Safari Balls to capture them. Keep in mind that some Pokemon are more common than others in different areas of the zone. Rest Houses You will find fellow trainers here, and they will give you advice about capturing Safari Zone Pokemon. Keep in mind that the timer is still ticking inside these houses. Secret House There is a secret house in Area 3 that has a special prize for the trainer that reaches it first. The prize is the HM 03, which teaches the SURF move to Pokemon.
Routes 16,17, & 18 Now that you've defeated Koga and caught bunches of Pokemon in the Safari Zone, you should work out on the Cycling Road, an extreme mountain bike trail. You have to constantly press Up as you pedal up the slope if you ever want to make it to the top. Fuchsia City Observing Tower Before you take on the trail, go up into the observing tower to talk to Prof. Oak's Aide. If you've collected 50 kinds of Pokemon, he will give you the Exp. All, which divides battle experience among all the Pokemon in your party, even those who didn't fight. Cycling Road You'll find lots of tough Bikers and Cueballs along this route, who wield Poison and Fighting Pokemon. The slope on this hill is so steep, if you release the Control Pad, you'll go rolling back down. Press A or B to put on the brakes and stay in one spot. Recluse Trainer's House After you exit the Celadon City Observing Tower, cut the bush above the path and follow the road to a secret house. The girl inside will give you the FLY HM if you promise to keep her hiding spot secret. Now you can revisit any city you've visited before in seconds!
Power Plant The Power Plant usually supplies power to the entire land, but today its grounds are empty. That's because the rare Pokemon Zapdos has made roost here and scared off the workers! Without power, no one can operate such important things as blenders and SNESs! To make matters worse, all sorts of wild Electric Pokemon have moved in and will attack anyone who dares enter! Your only hope to survive is to enter with a team of Rock or Ground based Pokemon. The entire plant is like a maze, but there is only one main path. You will find lots of items on the floor, but many are actually Voltorbs! Zapdos Zapdos is one of the three rare Pokemon Birds and you only have one chance to catch it! Zapdos is at Level 50, and it is very powerful. Some of its attacks can take down a Pokemon instantly. Level 60 and above Rock or Ground Pokemon are your best bet. Wear the bird down and toss Ultra Balls to capture it! Putting it to sleep will definatly improve your chances.
Routes 19 & 20 With Zapdos captured, you can return to Fuchsia City and head south to the beach. Put an Electric Pokemon at the head of your group and dive into the ocean using the SURF move. The many swimmers will challenge you with Water Pokemon, so Raichu's Thunderbolt or Farfetch'd's Fly will take care of the enemy quickly. Once you reach dry land, you explore the caverns of Seafoam Island before you can continue onto Cinnabar Island.
Seafoam Island There are tons of Water Pokemon living in the deep sea caverns of Seafoam Island. You will also find boulders and dark holes. Use the Strength move to push the rocks into the holes, then jump in after them. The idea is to get the rocks to block the underground river. If you don't the current will be too strong and you won't be able to escape. Articuno Articuno can be found in B4 and just like Zapdos will only appear once. He is very powerful at level 50. Use Sleep and Ultra Balls to capture it. To escape the caverns, block the river with the rocks and then go up to B3. Climb ladder J and follow the series of ladder that lead to the exit.
Cinnabar island Cinnabar Island is the leading force in Pokemon genetics. Unfortunatly, an experiemental Pokemon named Mewtwo has escaped and damaged most of the main lab mansion in the process. To make things worst, all sorts of Pokemon have escaped from their cages and are causing all sorts of mischief. Pokemon Labs Inside the lab, there are three doors. Door one holds three trainers who are willing to trade Pokemon. They will give you a Tangela, Electrode and a Seel for certain Pokemon, but don't you think you can capture these Pokemon elsewhere? Behind Door Two are Pokemon scientists who spout out Pokemon advice. Behind Door Three is a genetics engineer who is very excited about his Cloning Machine. He can clone two of three different kinds of Pokemon for you. The first Pokemon you can get depend on which Fossil you chose in Mt. Moon. If you got the Dome Fossil, the scientist can make a Kabuto. If you took the Helix Fossil, you will get and Omanyte. For the second Pokemon, bring along the Old Amber from the Pewter Museum and hand it over to get an Aerodactyl. In each case, you must leave the building then return for the cloning process to be complete.
Pokemon Lab Mansion Much like the Power Plant, the Pokemon Lab Mansion has been abandoned, except for a few straggling scientists and daring Burglars. Fire and Poison Pokemon have moved in and will protect their new found home. To open the electric doors, flip the switches on nearby statues. To reach the basement, you must go up to the third floor and leap off the south edge. Follow the stairs down and explore the basement. You will find a Secret Key amid the rubble on the west side. Perhaps it unlocks something...
Cinnabar Gym The leader of the gym is Blaine, a weird old man who specializes in Fire Pokemon. His gym is locked up tight, but with the Secret Key from the Mansion, you can enter. Beyond the entrance are more locked doors that can only be opened by defeating nearby trainers or answering questions from the computers near them. Super Nerds and Burglars weild Fire Pokemon, so bring along plenty of Water Pokemon and Articuno if you have it. Its Ice Beam can deal a lot of damage to Fire Pokemon. Once you get past all the trainers, you will face Blaine. Vs. Blaine Blaine is a real hothead and will brag about his Fire Pokemon. He sends out Growlithe, Ponyta, Rapidash and Arcanine, all in the range of Lv. 40-47. Charge in with high level Ice and Water based Pokemon. After you ice Blaine, he will hand over the TM 38 and the Volcano Badge, which boosts all of your Pokemon's Special Attacks.
Route 21 Ah, finally it's time to return home to Pallet Town. Surf up Route 21. You will run into some Swimmers and Fishermen, but it's nothing you can't handle. Be sure to check the grass field next to the ocean for a Tangela or two. However, when you reach home, you will hear that the Viridian Gym has reopened, and the Gym Leader has issued a challenge for all trainers! You journey is far from over!
Viridian Gym Prepare for a challenge. Nothing is known about this Gym Leader, except he and his co-horts share a love of Rock and Fighting Pokemon. Navigate past the Conveyer Belts and fight the trainers until you reach the man behind all this, who is, to no real surprise... Vs. Giovanni Giovanni was the Gym Leader of the Viridian Gym long ago, before he turned to crime and formed Team Rocket. Now he's back and he's betting that his Pokemon can crush yours. All his Rock Pokemon are at level 45-50 and his team consists of Rhyhorn, Dugtrio, Nidoqueen, Nidoking and Rhydon. If you caught Articuno and raised it up a few levels, its Ice Beam can make quick work of these troublemakers. After you defeat Giovanni, he will see how dedicated you are to Pokemon training and decide to disban Team Rocket so he can study the world of Pokemon. He will give you the Earth Badge, which ensures all your Pokemon will obey you. Route 22 You will find many low level Pokemon on this route as well as a few Poliwags in the pond. But before you can do much catching, Gary will show up yet again. Vs. Gary Gary is back and talking smack. His Pokemon are in the range of Levels 47-53. He's packing a Pidgeot, Rhyhorn, Exeggcute, Gyarados, Alakazam, and his start Pokemon. Raichu and Articuno should stop this team cold. Route 23 If you've come down this way before, you may have been stopped because you don't have the right badge. Now that you have all eight, you can go all the way to Victory Road.
Victory Road Victory Road should have been named Rocky Road, cause you'll face some rocky challenges here. You must deal with wild Pokemon, Boulders and Secret Switches, not to mention some tough Cool Trainers. The Cool Trainers mostly pack Ground and Rock type Pokemon. Follow the maps below to find your way out of the mazelike caverns. Be sure to bring lots of Potion and a Pokemon with the Dig ability in case you get into trouble. The Great Escape First Floor: Push the boulder onto the switch to open the road block. Go down Ladder A. Second Floor: Push boulder onto south switch. Follow the path and go down Ladder B. Third Floor: Push the boulder above you west to the switch. Once you've activated the switch. Go back east and climb up the ledge. Follow the path south and then back east. Push the boulder near Ladder D down the hole. Jump down after it. Second Floor: Push boulder you pushed down the hole west onto the switch. Climb up Ladder D. Third Floor: Climb up ladder E Second Floor: Exit! Moltres Moltres is the last (?) of the legendary Flying Pokemon and it's a doozy. The Level 50 firebird is vulnerable to Water or Ice attacks, and keep in mind that even if you wear down its life bar, put it to sleep and use Ultra Balls, it can still break free. Now that you have Moltres, it's time to face the Elite Four!
Indigo Plateau Okay, champ in the making, this is it. The moment that decides if you are to be the Pokemon Champion of the World or just another lowly Pokemon Trainer. It's your last chance to rest your Pokemon and stock up on items before you face the Elite Four. Don't even think about taking on the Elite Four if your monster party is below Level 55. It may be wise to hold off for a while and raise their levels to the 60+ range. One last tip... when you face the Elite Four, you can't turn back until you've defeated them all, so this is the one case where saving after each battle is not such a good idea. If you come up against one of the masters and don't have the right Pokemon, you'll be able to reset and start again in the Pokecenter. The Elite Four You'll face the Elite Four one at a time, and remember, you can't leave until you've beaten them all, so be sure to have the right Pokemon! Vs. Lorelei Lorelei is the Master of Ice Pokemon and has a Dewgong, Cloyster, Slowbro, Jynx and a Lapras, all in the Level 53-56 range. A high Level Raichu should shrug off these watery opponents with a single Thunderbolt each. Vs. Bruno Bruno likes both Fighting and Rock Pokemon, and commands two Onixs, a Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, and Machamp. A full grown Venusaur, using Razor Leaf attacks, will send Bruno's Pokemon back to the dojo. Vs. Agatha Now it's starting to get rough. Agatha commands Ghost Pokemon, and no other Pokemon has an advantage over Ghost attacks. The best chance against her Level 56-60 Gengars, Golbat, Haunter and Arbok are fire and water attacks. Vs. Lance The leader of the Elite Four is the master of Dragon Pokemon. Keep in mind that although Dragons are vulnerable to Ice and Fighting attacks, no Pokemon can defend well against Dragon attacks. Be sure to bring lots of Max Potion, as his Gyarados, Dragonair, Aerodactyl, and Dragonite are all around Level 58-62. After you defeat the Elite Four, you discover that someone has already beaten them before you even reached the plateau. It is, of course, your greatest rival Gary. Vs. Gary Gary will lead off with a Pidgeot, Alakazam and Rhydon, all around Level 60. Raichu can take care of the first two, and Venusaur can take out the Rhydon. Gary's last three Pokemon depend on which one he chose at the beginning of the game. If he chose Charmander, he will have Exeggcutor, Gyrados and Charizard filling out his squad. If he chose Squirtle, he will have Arcanine, Exeggcutor and Blastoise on his team. If he chose Bulbasaur, his team will be filled out with Gyrados, Arcanine and Venusaur. Whichever team he has, they'll all be in the Level 60-65 range. If you can defeat Gary, the title of World's Greatest Pokemon Champion is yours!
Unknown Dungeon With your greatest rival defeated, and the title of Pokemon Champion yours, you decide to find fresh challenges. After the credits, press Start and continue your game. You'll start back on the plateau, where you'll decide to find Mewtwo, the Pokemon that escaped the lab on Cinnabar Island. The latest sightings have been inside a cave near Cerulean City. Return to Route 24 and dive into the water. Surf south to reach the cave. As you explore the catacombs of the Unknown Dungeon, you will find lots of rare Pokemon, so be sure to bring lots of Ultra Balls and switch to an empty Box on Bill's PC. When you reach the lowest floor you will find Mewtwo. Mewtwo Mewtwo is a nasty fighter and hates being inside a Pokeball. Your best shot at capturing this fierce fighter is to use the Master Ball. If you don't have it, keep in mind that Ghost and Bug Pokemon are best against Psychic Pokemon like Mewtwo.