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This is my rocket failures page:

  • Commanche-3:  Shot up to no visibility.  I located the main rocket and one stage but couldn't find the other two.  The I found them one was almost burned up but the other in perfect condition.  What happend I asked myself.   Then I knew.  The stages had stuck together in the air and one burned up.

  • Unknown Name:  I put a D engine in it and launched it.  I soon lost sight of it.  Soon I saw it no parachute and falling like a rock.  It landed in an intersection that was luckly empty.  All of it was burned exept for the nose cone which was shattered.

  • Maniac: I launched it with a D engine and my fellow rocketeer, Jason, over stuffed the rocket and the parachute didn't deploy.  It fell about 100 feet and the only damage was a bent fin.    

  • Maniac(same as above): I launched it with a D engine and as you recal the fin was bent so I bent another to make it spiral on its way up. What I planed didn't quite go right. The rocket flew everywhere and stayed below 20 feet and nearly hiting me.

The Challenger